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Dr. Bach Flower Remedies

Essential oil in eyedropper, bottle, surrounded by flowersBach Flower Remedies were developed by a British medical doctor by the name of Edward Bach, MD. Early in his career, he became aware that people’s emotional states impact their state of health and ability to heal.

Dr. Bach discovered 38 plant and flower based essences that would help manage the emotional demands of everyday life in a holistic, non-invasive manner. Each flower essence correlates to specific emotions and help a person by balancing the individual’s emotional state as opposed to treating a condition or symptom.

The purpose of the Bach Flower Remedies is not to work on the physical body or physical symptoms; instead they work on balancing the emotional condition which in turn, helps heal the physical body.

“Health is our heritage, our right! It is the complete and full union between soul, mind and body; and this is not a difficult far-away ideal to attain, but one so easy and natural that many of us overlook it.”

Dr. Edward Bach

There are no contraindications to Bach Flower Remedies. They work synergistically with herbs, homeopathy and medications; they can be taken directly or ingested with food or drink. Bach Flower Remedies are safe and beneficial to everyone, including children, pregnant women, pets, elderly and even plants.

Live a more balanced life! Contact our office and find out if Bach Flower Remedies can help you.

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