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Nutritional Coaching

Apple and saladWhat is the Guided Nutrition Coaching Program?

A series of a 30 minute one-on-one session or group sessions uniquely designed to benefit you through education and guidance on nutrition and wellness in order to help make the correct lifestyle habits that can give you the greatest impact on improving your health!

What are the Benefits of this Program?

You will learn ways to make changes to your eating habits to improve your health. These changes will assist the doctor’s care plan in helping you get maximum results. Your improved eating habits will help you get the best results in the shortest amount of time. What you learn will help you maintain those results for a lifetime of optimal health.

What does each Session include?

All sessions include recipes, goal setting initiatives, strategies and techniques to help make the nutrition changes necessary for you to achieve the best results

I already know a lot about nutrition, will this still help me?

There is a lot of conflicting information out there about nutrition and wellness. Depending on your resources, as reliable as you think they may be, you may be misinformed. Our information is rooted in natural health care and based on the science of the body.

Even the most informed patient has benefited from each of our sessions from learning something new to hearing it again and realizing they forgot it or have still not implemented it.

If I know someone taking the sessions can’t I just learn from them?

Do you remember playing the “telephone” game? It is similar to that game, whereas, each person will have a different interpretation of the material as it pertains to them. Also, our Nutrition Guides will be working with each patient individually, helping them find what works best for their body.

Session Pricing:

Individual: $50 per session
Group: $35 per session (5 person maximum)