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Nutrition Response Testing® Package and Dietary Plan

The Details

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To find answers, first you need to know if there’s a problem. If you’re experiencing allergies, fatigue, or digestive issues you may want to wonder if you’re missing valuable nutrients. We can help!

  • Nutrition Response Testing® evaluation with a dietary plan
  • Two Sessions involving a period of 1.5-hour visits
  • Dr. Esther Jimenez, a Chiropractic Clinical Nutritionist and associates will assess through state of the art technology and biofeedback, whether you have food or chemical sensitivities, heavy metal toxicities or other conditions that may be impairing your health.

Nutrition Response Testing® is a way to determine the underlying causes of illness. It is a natural, noninvasive way to optimize your health. Nutrition Response Testing® assesses how your nervous system is functioning by testing the body’s neurological reflexes as well as acupuncture points on the body.  When we determine what these causes are, we can use nutritional means to encourage your body to repair itself.

What’s Included?

Your package includes a comprehensive health assessment, a nutrition response testing body scan, and nutritional recommendations. You’ll also get several different measurements—weight, BMI, body fat analysis, and a computerized physical fitness assessment—to help the staff create a dietary plan that fits your lifestyle and needs. Prior to your initial visit go onto the New Patient Nutrition Response Testing page as well.

Nutrition Response Testing® Testimonial

“Early September of 2015 I decided it was time to take care of me! I had already started chiropractic care and had seen fabulous results, so I asked how much more can I improve? Needless to say from the very start I have experienced life changing results. I no longer take medications for my asthma, migraines, or stomach problems. I have lost an excess of 20 pounds, which I thought would never happen! I am on my way to achieving my pre-wedding day goal weight. My friends, coworkers and family have taken notice and even say that my face looks younger. I have found the fountain of youth in the wheat germ oil and my other whole food supplement regiment. I can also report incredible changes in my everyday functions, such as bowel movements, sleep, and energy levels. This is important to me because I have a family that depends on me and I enjoy keeping up with my grandkids as well teaching karate classes!”

– Mary B.

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